In merging together his tracks with the visual arts into a complex, stylish act, producing 'is more about the art than just putting out music' – an uncompromising belief that has already led him to play alongside the likes of Pete Tong and DJ Hell.

His black-and-white, clear-cut look brings sharp purity and honest rawness together into one. This attention to detail on both the visual landscape and musical output have a symbiotic nature, nurturing each other for this burgeoning artist.

Such a love affair for the cross-section between music and design – between sound, form, and vision – is about the desire to transport you, even momentarily, into a new space. It’s the defining quality of the art he admires, like the captivating aesthetic of Renaissance paintings and the purity of Hedi Slimane.

The first release, which has amassed over half a million streams, showed a glimpse of his work. Now working with Argy and Dharma for Reculture’s various artists project, his forthcoming releases typify his desire to be cross-genre, blending a variety of influences, whilst maintaining the integrity of his vision.

'I want to create a full product where it’s respected and it’s interesting. I don’t want to just do music and I don’t want to just do art or fashion or design. I want to merge all the worlds because that’s what I’m interested in. I’m super interested in design but music – that’s what’s in my heart.' And that’s what really drives him.